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Work with a CAD technician to design your motorsports components.

A CAD technician is someone who uses specialized software to create detailed technical plans, designs, and drawings. The primary role of a CAD technician is to translate concepts and ideas into precise, computer-generated drawings that can be used for fabrication and welding.

CAD Technician in Statesville, North Carolina

If you need to design a new motorsports product, you need an experienced CAD technician who can help you with this process. As Xcel Racing Components, LLC, we provide CAD solutions and can help you create computer-generated ideas of your ideas. Once we solidify these designs through a computer-generated drawing, we can then take them through the welding and fabrication process.

We offer complete 2D and 3D CAD services, including product design, functionality analysis, material purchasing, prototyping, and manufacturing intent. We can also help with 3D product renderings and animation for use in websites and marketing material. The CAD model is the most important part of the product development process, so make sure you choose a qualified technician to help with your project.

We provide CAD development services in the Statesville, North Carolina area, and we are ready and waiting to get started on your project. We provide high-quality welding services and specialize in providing these services for the motorsports industry.

Partner with a CAD technician who can translate your ideas into useable plans for a project. For more information about our CAD services and to get started with an upcoming project, get in touch with us today.