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We specialize in custom metal fabrication for the automotive and powersports industry.

Metal fabrication involves designing and fabricating custom parts and structures. The custom fabricated parts created during this process are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements and performance needs of our customer. We create high-quality, high-performance, and durable products that stand up to extreme conditions and will last for years to come.

Custom Metal Fabrication in Statesville, North Carolina

At Xcel Racing Components, LLC, we fabricate custom products that are not available off the shelf. Some examples include custom chassis, roll cages, suspension components, body panels, exhaust systems, and more. If you have something in mind, submit your design and chances are, we’ll have no problem creating it for you.

The metal fabrication industry is a dynamic and constantly evolving field. As technology advances, we work hard to stay up to date using quality materials, techniques, and manufacturing processes to maintain a competitive edge for our customer.

We have years of experience with metal fabrication and a passion for the motorsports and racing industry, which plays a big role in the quality of the parts we create for our customers. If you need custom metal parts designed and fabricated by an experienced professional, turn to us. Contact us today to discuss your design and place an order!